About Us

PLASTIGAUGE® is the world standard in Plastic Precision Clearance Gauges for the measurement of clearance between fitted surfaces.

  • Plastigauge is extremely effective for measuring the clearance of a wide variety of bearings which include automotive/machine bearings, marine drive shaft bearings, turbine housing bearings, pump and pressure system bearings, as well as shaft end-float dimensions, flatness and clearance in pipe-flanges and cylinder heads.
  • With a wide range of uses in industrial and commercial applications Plastigauge is particularly effective for the measurement of separation in moulding tools, and wherever it is required to determine the separation between hidden surfaces.
  • Genuine Plastigauge Plastic Precision Clearance Gauges are the original and most accurate Plastic Clearance Gauges available today. Plastigauge is formulated and manufactured to the highest specifications to guarantee better accuracy- accept no substitute.

PL-A is also available as a Retail Pack of 10 Gauges.