Frequently Asked Questions

PLASTIGAUGE® had it's beginnings in the English Royal Naval Dockyards of the 1950's. As higher specification and higher performance military equipment came into service, there was a demand for extremely accurate and easily reproducible methods for measuring bearing clearances and the clearance between hidden surfaces.

Today, PLASTIGAUGE has withstood the test of time, and continues to provide the most accurate and effective method for the measurement of clearance between fitted surfaces. PLASTIGAUGE continues to play a vital role in the avionic, petrochemical and biomedical fields as well as a multitude of industrial and commercial applications throughout the world.

Only genuine PLASTIGAUGE Plastic Precision Clearance Gauges offer the greatest accuracy demanded by industry today.


Frequently Asked Questions

When I order from, how quickly will I get  my order?
Orders ship within 24 hours. Rush FedEx shipping orders placed before 10 am Pacific time will ship same day. International and large orders can take a slightly longer. We send out many shipments within the USA by USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation so you can generally expect receipt in 1-3 days to most locations in the Continental U.S. Orders shipping to locations outside the U.S. are typically shipped via DHL International Express and cantake 3-7 days (prices start at US$128 for international shipments). Customs inspections in receiving countries can delay this, so check with your local customs agent on their policies.If you prefer to use your corporate FedEx number, email us ahead of time and we can accommodate you. Anything shipped UPS Ground, expect 3-12 days in the Cont'l U.S. FedEx Ground inside the USA is always faster and less expensive than UPS.

What about storage of Plastigauge?
Plastigauge is a very hearty product, and is not affected by cold. If you work in a hot environment keep in mind that temperatures over 35 C or 95 degrees F are not recommended. We've found that placing Plastigauge in a drink cooler works wonders at keeping it in a safe temperature range on job sites or hot environments.

What is the weight and size of the Plastigauge container?
Each box of Plastigauge weighs approximately 5 ounces. The size of each box is 6x4x1 inch.

Does Plastigauge come in other forms of packaging?
At present, all our products are listed on the Price List. All Plastigauge lengths are 100mm or about 4 inches per gauge. Only PL-A is also sold in smaller retail packaging. All other gauge sizes are packaged for industrial use.

Is Plastigauge® "The Real Deal"?
Yes! Plastigauge makes only the original, superior Plastic Precision Clearance Gauges. Other companies' products made of less desirable materials have come and gone and have offered less accurate results. Some even capable of deforming the surface they were supposed to be measuring! Only genuine Plastigauge can offer you the highest accuracy demanded by the military and industry today.

I have a product code that I don't see on your price list, can you get it?
The price list has all the Plastigauge codes and products that are currently manufactured. The product codes are PL-A, PL-B, PL-C, PL-D, PL-E and PL-X. If you have something you don't see here it is probaby an obsolete product. Please have a look at the price list to see the ranges that are covered by the different products.

I need a quote for some Plastigauge, can you help me?
Our pricing structure offers the most competitive costs available anywhere. Your overall discount is based on the number of products purchased and is reflected in our Price List. Applicable discounts are calculated automatically online when you purchase. If required, we can provide written quotations for orders over 10 boxes, otherwise please check the price list.

We are required to collect sales tax for California deliveries. If your business is in California and your purchase is for resale, simply fill out this PDF Resale Form required by the state of California.  We must receive the original, signed copy which you can mail to us at the address on the Contact page.

My company insists that I only purchase over the phone, not online. What can I do?
Ironically, it is safer to order online than over the phone, nevertheless, we are very happy to accommodate phone orders in these cases. Give us a call and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can I return my order at a later date?
As we cannot control how the product is stored and to insure the highest quality to our customers, once shipped, all sales are final.

I can't pay with a credit card, how about a bank transfer?
All orders are prepaid. International orders can be paid with a bank transfer. We have to charge an additional $25 fee to cover our bank costs for this form of if paying from a bank outside the USA.

How can I contact PlastigaugeUSA?
For fastest response to questions, contact us by email at

PLASTIGAUGE is distributed in the Americas by JHPS-PlastigaugeUSA, Paso Robles, California.
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